The Boar incarnation of vishnu is a spectacular depiction found in many places across India. But nothing is as spectacular as this unique form in the Lakshmana temple in Kajuraho.

varaha front view.jpg

At the outset, it looks like a normal boar, but as you go near, you realise that this is no normal boar….

thousands of them.jpg
watch the detailing of the miniature.jpg

Every inch of this sculpture is covered with thousands of miniatures…

footboard travellers as well.jpg
the other side.jpg
watch the curl of the tusks.jpg

from the curved tusks to the upturned ear….every inch of space abounds with carvings….

almost like a carpet of people.jpg
miniatures everywhere.jpg
the hopes of the whole world rest on him.jpg

of the thousands of celestials who witnessed the amazing feat of the boar in rescuing the goddess earth …..from the nether world…a common ruse among indian sculptures is to depict a naga …a snake man….to depict the under world….unfortunately we have lost the torso…you can yet see his lovely winding tail between the legs of the boar….( you might recall the sculpture from udayagiri which we saw earlier — where you can see the naga)

a naga who would have witnessed this.jpg

not only has the boar lost much of its beauties incl its tail to vandals…and nature…but its also lost its prize…for what is left of the goddess earth are her two feet….though firmly grounded….sad

booma devi...just the legs left.jpg

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Kathie Brobeck

I really appreciate your snapping this amazing Varaha from all angles. It’s a pleasure
to see Him again.

September 19th, 2008 at 18:38
rhoda alex

awesome ….never seen anything like this before. The mandapa ceiling also looks different…concentric like the inside of the gopuram - remember seeing that here at poetryinstone too.
so very sad about the goddess …here the feet are left…at Hampi only a hand is left…

May 3rd, 2010 at 9:29

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