Tamil valor has been sung from time immemorial…stabbing from behind is considered to be the most demeaning act, similarly taking a hit in the back ( kind of give away that you turned and ran away from battle)…it’s a clear clue about the scene.

sri rangam ranganathswamy pillar detail111.JPG

Lets analyse the main characters in more detail…

The man in front is a brave tamil warrior….he sports a traditional tamil hairstyle, the dhoti and the upturned mustache…look at his ornaments…chains, ear rings and anklets…and the radiant bravery in his face inspiring generations..

srirangam tamil couple.jpg

The lady on top is every more beautiful.. She carries an entire jewelery store on her, resplendent in all her glory. The minutest details being sculpted….the chains, the bangles, anklets…..a a bewitching smile to top it all.

Thus against this if we compare the back stabber (!) you can see the differentiation in the clothing…a long sleeve shirt, track pants ( his assistant too)…and the down turned mustache….maybe this depicts the sack of sri rangam during the raid of malik Kafur ( 1314 AD)

sri rangam ranganathswamy pillar detail2.JPG
srirangam backstabber detail.jpg
srirangam backstabber.jpg

But still not able to figure out the canopy which the lady is holding ….its got two parrots on each side,

srirangam pillion rider canopy left.jpg
srirangam pillion rider canopy right.jpg
srirangam tamil couple.jpg

similar depictions have been identified as a gypsy women ….you can see a similar pillar sculpture at another locations ( sans the parrots)…

canopy sans parrots.jpg

but for a gypsy to sport such a stack of jewellary is indeed amazing, for these days they are reduced to parading bead chains … Maybe she was an imporant character…there are varying accounts of a temple dancer who sacrificed her life for to safeguard the temple during Malik’s assault….pillars do speak !! Don’t they?

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rhoda alex

oh yes..pillars do speak a lot…nice observation on the moustaches…the down-turned one and the upturned one!
Kattabomban had an upturned one in real life..however the movie depiction by Shivaji is a down-turned one!! Why ?
the canopy - was it the umbrella of those times? easily fold-able? interesting!

May 18th, 2010 at 10:00
Pradeep Chakravarthy

usual theory is of a Kuravan capturing a princess and a Kurathi a prince…

February 7th, 2011 at 12:54

The girl on the shoulders was supposedly a Princess and her skirt is fluttering over… :)

That’s the story I heard at Krishnapuram, @ Nellai :)

November 9th, 2012 at 20:44

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