Looks like even Gods have domestic quarrels….spotted this superb composition in a temple renovation group recently

shiva gangadhara sholapuram.jpg

http://picasaweb.google.com/reach.foundation.india/BairaveswaraTempleSholapuram/photo#5151797745278369842 This form is called Shiva Gangadhara….when the divine ganges is ordered to flow to the earth ( Bagiratha’s penance…Oh thats another thread by itself) she is filled with anger…her ego…she is filled with rage that she has to leave her divine abode and gushes with all her might to wash away the earth……well she didnt contend with the power of shiva….he handles or rather humbles her… you can see shiva holding up just two strands of his hair…for her to descend into….caught in his locks…breaking her fall and then he lets her fall gently to the ground….

trichy lalitangura pallava griham.jpg

This interesting episode forms the plot of Pallava Mahendra’s amazing cave in trichy rock fort ….he called it lalithangura pallava griham…thats another post as well.

shiva gangadhara gangai konda cholapuram.jpg

Ok but how does our sculptor see this episode…the divine river is a ravishing beauty…and she has taken temporary refuge in the Lord’s locks….this causes his consort Parvathi to take offense…afterall its competition and she begings to walk away…and then our poor man is trying to cajole and console her to stay… see the mastery in stone here in solapuram and also in gangai konda cholapuram GKC images tks to http://www.kumbakonam.info/kumbakonam/gkchopu/images/vimsta/viar16.jpg

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Ha Ha Ha ,

He too is no exception and She too is no exception!!!!

September 4th, 2008 at 11:06

haha ..I saw this in GKC and I have a picture…I remember the guide telling me that Shiva is calming Parvathi’s anger ..:)

September 9th, 2008 at 8:50

by the way, your titles are getting more and more innovative..u must try your hand at writing serials..:)

September 9th, 2008 at 8:51

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