We say the main actors in the mallai penance panel. Now for a couple of light hearted posts.

ajuna bagiratha penance.jpg
the cat in false penance.jpg

Towards the bottom of the panel, just in front of the majestic tusker, we see a very curious scene being enacted.

praying boon seeker 2.jpg
praying cat.jpg

You saw earlier the boon seeker ( arjuna / bagiratha) engaged in severe penance - standing up on one leg. Now you see a cat mimicking this and to add to the humor there are a couple of mice who seem to be in the act of worshiping the praying cat. What would be act 2 of this scene once the cat breaks his fast …breakfast.

praying cat n mice.jpg

Maybe we could still draw some lessons from this story

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One Comment

Kathie Brobeck

I’ve heard two interpretations about the
pray[ey]ing tomcat. Either it was waiting until the foolhardy mice were lulled, then it would pounce; or it was a sincere sannyasi, ignoring
the ‘dinner’ at its feet.

September 19th, 2008 at 5:04

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