My friend Lakshmi’s blog post on graffiti below reminded me of my earlier post in mintamil forum on such acts of vandalism.


April 1819, John smith, a Captain from the Madras regiment, with his mates was hunting tigers in the forests. He came across a horse shoe shaped canyon with many caves - yes, he is the one who is credited with rediscovering Ajanta ( how could such a marvel ever get to be forgotten !!)

Admiring the marvelous creations there, he went on to inscribe his signature along with the date on the fresco painting. you can still see it there.

johnsmith ajanta 2.jpg
johnsmith ajantha.jpg

Yes, this made him immortal along with the paintings.

Maybe, our friends ( tanjore mani ?) consider their exploits to be parallel to the great accomplishments of our kings who conquered far off lands, and etched their praise in stone, and hence scribble their names on this magnificent creations!

big temple mani.jpg
gkc vandalism.JPG

This amazing wall panel of Gangai konda cholapuram has not been spared from the wanton acts of these people, who have little respect for the cultural heritage of the land they hail from, the greatness of these works. Let us try and educate these people to learn to respect art.

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shows how easy it is to put a sign in some else art…some thing like made in india jokes we heard during our child days

September 23rd, 2008 at 15:37

I have a few in GKC which I didnt want to post as I wanted to only highlight the grandeur of the monument

September 23rd, 2008 at 18:21

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