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How did i miss this. We had earlier seen the amazing dancing from of shiva as natraja in Tanjore Big temple, and then on our focus on Karaikkal ammai we saw her fantastic depiction in Gangai konda cholapuram. But i missed the panel in Tanjore Nataraja - which too had a beautiful sculpture of ammai - the place has changed a bit - but who can deny the rightful place of ammai. There she is enjoying the dance while clapping her hands. Nandhi on the drum retains his place.

Just showing them side by side for you to enjoy. After all the son did his best to outshine his father ( Rajendra to his dad Raja Raja - in all except the height of his temple ’s Vimanam - Maybe that was his way of showing his respect for his dad)

The two kings of dance.

gangai konda cholapuram closer.jpg
tanjore natraja.jpg

Nandhi on the drum

nandhi on drum.JPG
nandhi tanjore.JPG

Pei ( ghost) ammai ( lady) in both the sculptures.

ammai in gkc.JPG
ammai in tanjore.JPG


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