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The ‘IN’ thing among todays macho men of the film industry ( thank God for that - else we will have Hero’s who look like beached whales running around trees romancing girls young enough to be their daugthers …we still do!! - but atleast the healthy trend is catching on ) is getting fit and flashing their 6 packs abs ( a yet to be released bollywood blockbuster claims 8 packs!!)

But check out this damsel flashing her abs - sculpted 1300 years ago. Mallai ( mamallapuram) near chennai - the Mahishasuramardhini Panel. Can you spot her, no I am not referring to the Devi. Giving you multiple angles.

another angle again.jpg
another view.jpg
can u spot the gym girl now.jpg
lets go closer.jpg
mallai mahisha suramardhini.jpg
one more angle.jpg
one more.jpg

Can you spot her assistant now…crouched on one knee, brandishing a heavy sword on her right hand, beautifully attired in a breast band , she is poised to strike the leg of the demon Mahisha.

more closer.jpg
six pack abs.jpg

Now, can you see the justification for the tag line, 6 packs abs, take a look at hers. Women were warriors ( and some still are ) and from the shape she is in, must have been a heavily trained one at that.

got a face to carry it as well.jpg
wow, thats some abs.jpg

Time to get up and hit the threadmill i guess.

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