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its been sometime since we ventured into our art inspired by sculpture series. Our good friend Prasad has come up with a splendid sketch to take us to Belur today.
you can see all his works at his site here
Prasad’s Sketches blogsite

Prasad is uniquely gifted to be able to sketch in such a splendid fashion by just looking at just the picture from a photograph. Inorder for us to understand the task - view the photo and the sketch side by side.

The model.jpg
The replica ( prasad's sketch).jpg

One interesting point to note, ( actually it was the reason for this post to happen) - is this picture. Is it the same elephant ? Got us confused for a sec.

My initial exposure to reading magazine especially tamil ones was the feature where you got to spot the 6 differences. Can you spot such…between these two sets.

The model.jpg
The replica ( prasad's sketch).jpg
six differences.jpg

Lovely work Prasad, and keep them coming. The sculptor would be mighty pleased.

another view.jpg

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