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Thanks for the overwhelming responses to the riddle. Yes, these are the ruins found around the Qutub Minar and the famous Iron Pillar in Delhi.

location 2.JPG
atleast know that i was there.jpg
i lost he won.jpg
victor n the vanquished 2.jpg
victor n the vanquished.jpg
who lost.jpg

However not much is clear about them, though as Ragu mentioned there are various versions of pillaged temples, forts, jaina structures - Thomar, Rajput including as per the ASI board the original fort of Prithivraj Chauhan. Without going into those details, am sure a google search will land you on the various versions - incl a popular version in Amar Chitra Katha - for though the sights are visibly disturbing - the idea of presenting these was not to rake up any religious / communal sentiment. For that matter, everyday we are witnessing vandalism of our living temples even today, so why harbor hatred for something that happened hundred of years ago. There are thousands of such structures which you can adopt and safe in our rich country. Well, while i say that - as a art lover, you feel for the loss of the art and the effort of the sculptor. All is fair in war and conquest. But i would like to spur some creative outcome from this.

Lets go back and relook at the pillars for stylistic parallels. The sheer weight of these pillars could have made transportation over long distances tedious So they must have been from around Delhi of yore. But the artistic styling is quite unique, especially the Ganas supporting the roof at the top of the pillars, the floral designs on them.

defaced cow and corner ganas.JPG
defaced ganas and lion riders on top of pillar.JPG
defaced lady looking into a mirror and ornamenting herself.JPG
defaced relief panel.JPG

The differently styled pillars also support the idea of their source from multiple places - you see some are very ornately carved, while others are without much embellishments. Can we spot parallels among other sites.

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For those who attempted the riddle ( thanks to thiru who cracked it), to be honest it was a very tough one. Just one picture in that selection had a clue. Let me give you some more pictorial clues. We saw some very exquisite pillars in the previous edition, now we are seeing some more pillars and their intricate carvings, but in more detail.

Combining some long shots and some closeups to show how sometimes our eye misses the obvious clues.

The long shots first

inspect closely.jpg
inspect this pillar closely.jpg
watch closely.JPG
watch closer.JPG

The closeups

headless ganas 3.jpg
headless sculpture 2.jpg
headless sculpture.JPG
the lion riders.jpg
damaged pillars.jpg
defaced cow and corner ganas.JPG
defaced dancing maiden.JPG
defaced ganas and lion riders on top of pillar.JPG
defaced lady looking into a mirror and ornamenting herself.JPG
defaced maidens.JPG
defaced pillar 1.jpg
defaced pillar 2.jpg
defaced pillar 3.jpg
defaced pillar 4.jpg
defaced pillar ganas 2.JPG
defaced pillar ganas.jpg

Some independent relief panels

defaced cow and corner ganas.JPG
defaced relief panel.JPG

Well, now its getting really interesting. Obviously some exquisite sculptures have been vandalised and the focus or target has been very specific.

Taking you back to the picture with the clue in the prev post

carved pillaster.jpg

Cant make out ? Look to the roof

the vital clue.JPG

The clash of two contrasting cultures

These pillars bear witness to a very historic period that changed the course of our nation

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