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Today we are stepping a bit away from our traditional realms and moving across to the ############. A often visited site, but will surely be an opener for all, atleast it was for me. Keeping the suspense up, let me present some pictures and see if you can guess the location.

Presenting the pillared corridors - a sculptural riddle.

pillar carvings 3.jpg
pillared corridor 1.jpg
pillared corridor 2.jpg
pillared corridor 3.jpg
pillared corridor 4.jpg
pillared corridor 5.jpg

The pillared corridor is simply spectacular, the columns arranged in a mesmerising geometry. Watch closely for signs that may help you identify the location !

carved pillaster.jpg
intricate pillar.jpg
pillar carvings 2.jpg
pillar carvings.jpg

Lets see if you can crack this riddle

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