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After a series of serious posts, felt we need something light to relax. Plus Prasad said the last post had only few photos and satheesh said i wasn’t publishing enough of his photo contributions. ( same apology to chandra as well). Been quite occupied with work n travel, plus sometimes the story need to fit - dont want to just exhibit some photos - you can go to flickr / picasa for that. So this post is a conscious effort to redress the above, but combining with my favorites…tajore, yaazhi, sculpture.

Yaazhi’s are most probably the least viewed and discussed sculptures. Despite this they find prominent position in almost all major temples. In fact in tanjore there are two rows of Yaali’s which run almost right around the vimana base.

can you spot them

These kind of artistically border the great edicts ( inscriptions ) of my beloved Raja Raja Chola. Being there, standing amidst the massive edifice often leaves me under a spell,the air brings in many familiar scents, to be able to see the words, to be able to read them ( standing for a 1000 years) - its doesnt inspire a sense of awe, but more a feeling of returning to ones home, as though i once belonged there!

inscripitons running below and symmetry
notice the inscriptions

Back to the post, we are going to see the top row of impressive Yaazhi riders in this post. there is another row down below, which we will see later ( one thousand thanks to Satheesh for patiently taking these and sending over to me)

At first glance they do look similar, the symmetry is mesmerizing. What you must also notice is that these are action frames, the riders, the prancing yaazhis, the fighters emerging from the mouths are all full of live, frozen in time.

are they aligned
inscripitons running below and symmetry

But are they symmetrical, r they just repetitive depictions of the same.

notice the riders..no two are alike
now are they aligned
prancing yaazhi..what depth
they looks aligned but are they
top view notice the artistic manes

To give you an idea of the size of these beauties, as usual we place a common object..a mineral water bottle

a strategically placed bottle for scale

The riders on their part come in a myriad of forms and poses.

action pose of the yaazhi combined with riders
no two are similar
prancing yaazhi..what depth
top view notice the artistic manes

The corners of this row of yaazhi riders are interesting as well. An unique mythological animal - a yaazhi as well is shown framing two fighters inside its open mouth - sometimes two yaazhi riders emerge as well. This concept is also seen in various early chola temples ( Chandra and Satheesh - will showcase them as well shortly)

no two are similar
now are they aligned
now do you spot them
miniature beauties
notice the animal from which they are emerging
the rider emerging from the mouth of Yaazhi
they are emerging from a creatures mouth

What beautiful miniatures, next time please do not miss them.

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