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In the previous post, we had seen the top row …many friends, even regular visitors to the Tanjore temple confessed that they have missed that row. So we rub it in a bit more, by featuring the bottom row as well. ( Thanks again to Satheesh for his excellent observation, use of props!! and photography)

Lets see if you can spot them first.

can you spot the second row of miniature yaalis
spot them in this frame
try in this
spot in this

Hmm, let me make this easier for you all

can you spot the second row of miniature yaalis
can you spot them now
look towards the floor
spotted them

next set

now can you spot them
spot in this
the bottom yaali row

next set

try in this
notice the lovely magara thorana on the rail and the yaali row below

next set

spot them in this frame
spot them in this frame now

So, lets take a closer look at these beautiful Vyalaas, aren’t they Gorgeous.

vyaalas or yaalis

The corners of these already miniature Vyalaas are even more spectacular. They have their own emerging rider similar to their bigger cousins on the top row. For good measure they have thrown an even smaller sculpture on top!

its got its own version of the emerging rider - what that black thing
the black thing is a ball pen cap
the corner of the yaali row are special
what that black thing
who is that to the right of the frame

The ball pen cover provides us with an idea of scale.

To top all this, we also see a splendid miniature of Shiva as Gajasamharamurhty - Yaaniuri porthiya murthy.

whats this below the yaali row
our ball pen cap once again
shiva as gajasamhara murthy in miniature

So next time you visit the big temple, don’t just stop in amazement at its massiveness, take time to appreciate the smaller and subtle beauties as well.

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