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While writing about the Tanjore Brihadeeshwara temple, you tend to get lost praising the chola sculptor, but then there are a few later day contributions which need to be acknowledged as well. It might already be well known that i am not particularly a great fan of sculpture post 13th C - but then there are few vestigial remains that are a tribute to the great traditions of stone work. We have seen a few examples like the Srirangam sesharaya mandabam, the pillars from the great Kanakasabhai of Perur - in that line there does exist a splendid structure inside the big temple environs, that needs to be featured. The Nayak contributions to the big temple via the Subramanya Shrine is notable. We will see just a sample from the Subramanya temple - well, just a spout and a sink.

Locating the Subramanya shrine is not difficult, 3/4 into circumambulating the Vimana, you cannot miss the shrine, but credit to the artist, it does merge into the overall theme seamlessly despite a 600 year gap. Using a mixture of British Library antiquesand images from the net to get you a look feel.


What we are going to see, comes into view as you are 3/4 th ( again) into circum ambulating the subramanya shrine.


There is something surreal about black and white photography!!


Well, we have come to the subject of todays post - there is word in tamil, which i cannot correctly translate into english ” menakkedarathu ” - it would mean going to great extent to do a small job.

Lets look at our subject a little closer.


Yes, its a spout for the ablution water to pass from inside the shrine into a receptacle below. Take a look at the splendid stone work on this spout, simply master class, the curves and the graceful lines accentuate the form.


Now, for the sink. Its no common sink mind you!


With Lion mot tiffs as its base, this sink carved of a single block of stone, has more to it that offers the eye. Its got an interesting tale to tell as well.


If you have been following the posts regularly you would have already known the tale, we featured it in

Feed Half of Bheema to

Once you read it, find out what Bheema has in his hands.


and now is caught as his hand is empty


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Watch the videos of the talk on youtube

Periya Puraanam in sculpture

Dear Friends,

We are planning a short presentation on Periyapuranam sculptures - covering a few gems from Tanjore big temple and Darasuram. The presentation will also feature expert rendition of supporting verses by Thiru Siva Thevara Isai Mani V. Sundaramoorthy Othuvaar.

Please do come and support the event. The program is part of an evening of Dance, Drama - Kalai kadamabam organised by the SDBBS and will start by 6.00 PM on Sunday the 18th July at the Singapore Polytechnic Auditorium ( near Dover Mrt)


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