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Dear Friends,

Thanks to Sri of
Itsdiff Radio, we are coming out with an exclusive - one hour radio talk show. Dial in to voice your views.


Wed Oct 13 2010
7.30 AM ( US Pacific time)
Special Program - Kallile Kalai Vannam Kandan
(review of preserving Sculptures, paintings, and beautiful works
of our great masters of art) with Vijay (poetry in stone)
…- Listeners call in - 650-723-9010

Looking forward to interacting with you all on Wednesday

UPDATE:The recordings of our Radio show has been uploaded. Thanks to itsdiff radio and Sri for their support. Please see link below to hear and we would love to hear your comments


We have been featured in the Times of India. Our thanks to Sandhya Soman, Senior Reporter, for the time, interest and support for our efforts.

TOI Article online link

Times of India Sunday 10th Oct 2010 Poetry in Stone

toi article


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