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Its been quite a while since we featured the first set of Sittanavasal fescos - and this post has been long pending. Before starting to read, would recommend new readers to view part 1 of this post below

Part 1 of this series

Ashok’s steady hands and expertise with the lenses, once again bring the beauty of the these paintings. If not for him, I am pretty sure that we could have just let this beauty pass by, without a second glance. We saw earlier, how the entire roof of the outer mandaba has been converted into a canvas and a splendid pond, brimming with life and activity was brilliantly portrayed by the master artist. How he managed to do it, suspending upside down, working with such subtle color variations, is a tribute to his skill.

The Pond scene, we are seeing today is a continuation of the same scene we saw in part one. If i told you that there are 3 birds, a man and even an Elephant plus a horde of fish swimming in this panel, would you believe me. If you have read the previous part, am sure you would . If you haven’t read it then maybe no !!


Let me try and mark the different things we need to observe in the panel.


Maybe, try the same technique as the previous post, by taking color of the rest to highlight what we need to see.


Can you spot the creatures? Here they line up. See the top left of your screen. do you spot a bird’s eye?


The fish on the other corner?


The pairs of Birds and fishes around them?


The man, in his loin cloth, plucking flowers?


Once again, the master’s line drawing


We will come back to him again, but lets scroll down a bit more and see the Magnificent Tusker !!


He too has a few fish for company !!


And another set of our fishes to bring up the bottom


Whats of interest in this detailed study, is that the man is holding two different flowers in his hands.Lily on right and lotuses on left !!


Not only has the artist shown the differentiation in how the two would flower but also in the nature of their stalks. Take a closer look. This time another set towards the top of the frame


Now, thanks to the internet, let me show you the two types of stalks and you can notice the differentiation


( images are courtesy the internet and just to show you the smoothness of the lily’s stalk while the Lotus stalk is rough and spiny)


Truly remarkable !!

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