This is a small effort at showcasing the beauty in sculpture. Since the corpus of pictures has been done with lot of volunteers sharing their pictures with us, incase you want to use any of the pictures or content, please do talk to us. We are more than happy for this effort to be publicised to reach a wider audience, we just want to be sure that credit goes to the ones who deserve it.

While we have taken utmost care to give due credits to sources for the pictures, if by oversight we have failed to do so, please contact us

If you want to contribute to this effort, please do send us your pictures to images@poetryinstone.in.we do not aim to be a religious site, so try to send in unique pictures ( after going through the posts you would already have a look feel)…..and next time you go to any temple please spare some time to stop and admire the sculptures. If you see anyone scribbling or defacing the stones, please take it in your hands to educate the person to detest from such in future.

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