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For starters this post is not about any Yagnopavitham. It is about a very particular one - the one that is called Krishnajina. Let us see if you can make out what it is from these images.

Let us take the Brahma ( Aihole region, 7th C CE) currently on display in the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai ( photo from various websources - apologies for image quality - would welcome readers from Mumbai to take a better shot to update this post)


In Iconographical terms it is the Skin of a black buck antelope !

“The use of animal hide to aid in Meditation and religion is outside of the scope of this post and please refrain from commenting on those lines. This is just a study on Iconography and providing samples to aid further thought.”

It became interesting when Saurabh Saxena did this amazing post on Deogarh and the much debated ‘ Nara Narayana’ idenfication.


Study the person seated on the left closer.


Now is the hide an apparel / clothing or is it the Krishnajina used as the sacred thread.

The answer to the question may lie in this Torso of ” bodhisattva” currently in the V&A Museum


You would agree that there can be no better depiction of the Krishnajina than this masterpiece - such brilliant workmanship.


More study must be done on this for sure.

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