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Kalugu malai or vettuvan koil…where is this place. For those of you who have visited Ellora Kailasantha temple these pictures may seem vaguely familiar…this is a unique effort of early pandya rock cut temple…its in tuticorin district, in a small place near Kovilpatti….to the uninitiated …you may ask what’s so special..simple, it’s a monolith … carved out of the face of mountain side….Now see the pictures and the detailing once more.

Such a stupendous effort - carved top down, to the last detail….a superlative effort, but sadly few locals know of this monument. Such a great craft has been forgotten, so too are their amazing creations. Sadly no amount of crying is going to bring back this artform to life, at least lets learn to properly appreciate them. This is the only service we can do to the unknown sculptor…..

vettuvan koil archi 1.jpg
vettuvan koil.jpg

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