Unraveling the auctioned Kanchipuram Kailasantha Gauri’s past – Part 2

Part 1 of this post exposed how the provenance for this fantastic bronze was erased and she was auctioned for a million dollars.

We had seen the reference in the 1944 article Gauri, A Southern Bronze, By K. B. IYER – where he specifically mentions “One of such pieces is Gauri from the Kailasanath temple, Conjeeveram, now in the collection of Ramgopal, the well-known dancer.”

Today we bring forth more research into her origins – for a 1915 publication – Sri O.C. Ganguly’s South Indian Bronzes.

Here is the great man himself and a short bio

Here are the references to the bronze from the book.

From the above it is clear that the Bronze was very much in the Kailasantha temple atleast till 1915 and inbetween 1915 n 1944 it somehow moved into the possession of famous dancer Sri Ram Gopal OBE and was with him at least till 1944.

This post may not provide any conclusive evidence to seek restitution of the bronze but atleast it gives her a past and a home town – The Gauri of the Kanchi Kailasantha Temple and not just ” A large and important bronze figure of Parvati”

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