Kapoor Files- Art of the Loot Part 17- Chandikeshwara reveals larger loot

We are revealing today an important clue that expands the scope of this investigation and provides possible leads to a larger loot. It was widely reported in the press on the seizure of the Chandikeshwara bronze ” The image of Chandikeshwara (a form of Siva) in a standing posture has a strong similarity to the picture of the idol of the Sundareswara temple in Ariyalur, available with the French Institute of Pondicherry”

The photos of the seized bronzes were also publised

However, we have now done a detailed study of the archive photo from the institute and can now confidently say that they are defintely not the same. Below is the analysis.

The Ornamentation, styles are analysed in depth below

So the larger question now is two fold.

Where is the Suthamalli Chandikeshwara ?

and more importantly how do we find this new looted temple from where this new Chandikeswara seized by ICE hails from ?