Spontaneous Joy, Divine Bliss

There are many different dance poses and forms of shiva and predominantly people associate his dance with destruction. Its very wrong for his dance is the dance of creation. I present to you this truly amazing confluence of man’ art and divine grace…a dancing shiva from Ellora

Amidst all the destruction around it, you can still see the amazing poise, grace …of an exuberance of life, of spontaneous joy…divine bliss. This is the essence of this sculpture…where the pinnacle of human art is towering, almost reaching the borders of divine creation. The sculptor couldn’t maybe infuse live into the creation, but we can surely say that he stopped just short of that…..truly beauty beyond compare ….

3 thoughts on “Spontaneous Joy, Divine Bliss

  1. dear anandhi

    Not sure if this is Gajasamharam. Though the lower portion are totally eroded, you do see the outline of the feet, but no elephant head. similarly what is left of the hands and fingers are purely dance and no evidence of either elephant hide or the feet. checked a few ref and they do refer to this as dance of shiva.


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