Salvation while being Lynched – Part 2 – Ellora

We had earlier seen the Andhaka Legend in detail. Today, we are seeing another depiction of the same legend in one of the inner wall sculptures of Ellora.

Sadly the sculpture is much worn out and we cannot make much out of the facial features. Yet this seems to be a slightly more sedate depiction or maybe the last act of surrender of Andhaka – so brilliantly depicted by the sculpture, has calmed shiva’s anger.

For even without the intricate facial expressions, there seem to be some gentleness in the way Shiva is holding up the speared Andhaka – almost in a tender manner. But the depiction of the speared Andhaka – is spectacular – the trident has passed clean through his torso and he is impaled on it – but you can see him raising his hands and submitting to the divine grace of shiva.

Down below, we see a visibly unmoved, rather firm posture of Parvathi – unfortunately very much damaged, we cant clearly see what is depicted – but you can vaguely make out the shape of a demon holding a club/mace in his hand ( under the left feet of shiva) – shiva seems to be stamping on him – maybe this is act 1 of the legend, with Andhaka trying to go for Parvathi!!!

Amazing sculpture, beautiful depiction of Andhaka.

3 thoughts on “Salvation while being Lynched – Part 2 – Ellora

  1. Hi Vijay,

    It’s really great to see a site with so much attention to details about the treasures of our culture – Sculptures. Your site simply awesome, it brings out the essence and the beauty of the temples and places of architectural and historical value.

    I was really impressed with the posts on Gangai Konda Chola puram (Chandeshwarar), Srirangam, Mamallapuram (How did they manage to cut into rock?). Simply awesome!!!

    Especially the post about how did they manage to cut into rock is really good and I have posted the Avaiyar song in my blog that is used as reference for splitting up the stones

    மெத்தெனவை வெட்டெனவை வெல்லாவாம் வேழத்தில்
    பட்டுருவும் கோல் பஞ்சில் பாயாது
    நெட்டிருப்பாரைக்கு நெக்குவிடா பாறை
    பசுமரத்து வேருக்கு நெக்குவிடும்
    – ஔவையார்

    Keep up the good work!!!


  2. Hi Prabhu

    Thanks for the nice words and the lovely verse. Please feel free to share interesting sculptures with us and we can bring it out similarly.


  3. I prefer this AndakasuraMardana to the one
    you previously posted. But my favorite is the
    one in the Elephanta main cave. It leaps out
    of the frame and Shiva’s face is magnificent.

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