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This is the 100th posting on this site. A century in a short span would not have been possible without the support of friends, philosophers and guides – but the seed for this effort was sown by a few guiding lights. One such guiding light, who continues to enthrall not only me, but anyone interested in varied subjects from trivia to research thesis – whose sheer propensity to generate articles of interest to a wide audience spanning pre sangam to contemporary living, makes you think if he is a walking encyclopedia – well, How do i introduce this truly multi faceted master of writing – or does he need an introduction at all : yes, its Dr.S. Jayabarathi whose writings (in Tamil and in English) on Tamil history and culture have earned him the respect and affection of enthusiasts world over. He has this amazing ability to judge individuals, an interesting thread or even a small post in some forum and he would call you – clearing your doubt or correcting an error, offering not the answer but show you the path – for the journey is half the pleasure of the goal ! he loves to inspire people to join on this search to understand what a great land we hail from.

( incase there is someone who don’t know him, this is for their benefit :
An introduction

I kind of wriggled this post from him, or technically hijacked from his site, but again since we have showcased most of the other sister sculptures of this group, i sought Dr . Jaybee’s kind permission to use his – and he graciously consented. Pray for his long life, so that he can inspire many more like me.

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This frieze is a panel from the famous group of temples at Bantei Seri. Bantei Seri is 15 miles north-east of Ankor Wat in Cambodia. Bantei Seri is acclaimed as among the most beautiful pieces of sculpture in the world.

“The lacy setting is superbly executed and the balanced rhythm and harmony of the scene itself cannot be surpassed in any work of man” – Reginald le May.

The above piece shows a scene from Mahabharatha. Its the one of the last scenes in the Bharatha War. Duryodhana lay exhausted and wounded, alone after losing everything. The Pandavas wanted to finish the war decisively and came in search of Duryodhana.

Since Duryodhana was alone and the Pandavas were five, he is given the option of fighting with any one of them. Among the five, all the others, except Bhima, were no match for Duryodhana who possessed the strength of ten thousand elephants. Bhima was similarly strong.

Both of them were exponents of warfare with the Gatha aayudham. Though exhausted, Duryodhana had better training and skill in fighting. So a duel of gatha weapons took place. Gatha is a huge mace which is very heavy. It was used to crush opponents, break armour, wreck chariots and kill elephants.

The Pandavas, Krishna, and his elder brother Balarama were watching. Both Duryodhana and Bhima had learned the art of gatha warfare from Balarama. It was a dvantha yuddham which was a fight to the finish. As the fight proceeded, Bhima got tired and became unwary. But Duryodhana still retained his skill and fought a cautious, careful, and alert fight.

At one instance, Duryodhana jumped up high above the level of Bhima’s head. From that vantage position, he aimed and swung his gatha at the head of Bhima in a downward stroke. But at that time, Krishna gestured to Bhima to hit Duryodhana on his left thigh, which was now at level with Bhima’s swing. The left thigh is Duryodhana’s vulnerable part. Duryodhana can only be killed by crushing his left thigh. Krishna knew this and gave the cue to Bhima. Bhima dealt a death-dealing blow which crushed the left thigh of Duryodana. Duryodana fell to the ground, mortally wounded.

When balarama saw what was happening, he swung his Haalaayudham the plough weapon with fury at Bhima for this frank breach of duel code of honour. But Krishna prevented him from harming Bhima.

You can see in the panel, the scene embodying all the dynamism and feelings fully.

At the right, the four Pandavas are seated.

In the centre, Bhima and Duryodhana are fighting. Duryodhana is aloft if the air with a swing and an unswerving aim.

At the left, Balarama is about to hit Bhima with his Haalaayudham. He is being held back by Krishna who is depicted wth four arms.

This is a wonderful piece of sculpture. What is more striking is that THEY have it THERE and we don’t have it here with us.

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  1. 100th post is only a beginning for you in 2008, we would to like to read ur 1000th post in dec. 2009

    all the very best in the world reaches you, makkal sevai magesan sevai…..

  2. Dear Vijay
    Excellent and Congrats to you.
    Soon go for 1000
    sigaraththai adaintaal vaanaththaith thedavum

    With best wishes

  3. Wow a Great Milestone!!
    Vijay truly deserve to be congratulated and rewarded for providing knowledge and information to the citizens of the World.

    Best Wishes

  4. dear chandra, srivatsan, malathi, lakshmi, mani, balu sir, dhivakar sir, ashok and all those who sent me personal mails as well.

    I dedicate this effort to my Grandmother Smt. Kamala Kuppuswamy, who left us last week. Her staunch devotion to God and simple contended living left a deep mark in me, so did her puranic stories. Hers was a triumph of the human spirit – how god fearing people, with humble beginnings, can achieve their dreams staying on the right path even in these times.

    I will miss you patti

    your loving perandi

  5. கல் பார்த்து கதை சொல்லும் கலைஞரே
    உன் வேகம் கண்டு வியக்கிறேன்
    காலத்தால் அழிந்துவரும் கலைச்செல்வங்களை
    மின்பதிவாக்கி மிளிரவைக்கும் நின் செயல் வாழ்க
    பல நூறு பதிவுகள் படைத்திடவே பார் உன்னை புகழ்ந்திடவே
    பரமன் உனக்கு அருளட்டும்

  6. வாங்க வாங்க கவியே,

    பல நூறு பதிவுகள் படைக்க உங்கள் உறுதுணை தேவை சதீஷ்.


  7. வாழ்த்துகள் விஜய். தொடர்ந்து இன்னும் நிறைய கல்லில் கண்ட கவிதைகளைத் தரவேண்டும்.

  8. நன்றி திரு குமரன் அவர்களே. கண்டிப்பாக முயற்சிக்கிறேன்


  9. I am First visit of your blog very nice write more .

    and wish you for short period to achieve for your great success

    puduvai siva..

  10. hi puduvai siva

    Welcome and thanks for your kind wishes. pl take your time and visit the previous posts and lend your comments on them as well.


  11. awesome work guys. i am yet to go thru all the posts. i have a simple suggestion….the layout of the website needs better interactive methods. as in the posts should be categorised and presented in a format where the information can be read easily.

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