An evening with Cholas – 30th Dec 2010, Chennai

Glad to inform our friends our next meet to be held on the 30th December 2010.

Location : Ashvita Art Gallery No 11, Dr Radha Krishnan Salai 2nd Street, Mylapore, Chennai – 600004 Phone: 044-42109990

Time: 5:30 to 8.30

Mr. Maniam Selvam has agreed to share his memories of his Father with Kalki.

Our dear Mr. P Raman, who has a marvelous private collection of antique coins etc., has agreed to exhibit some of his precious collections – which includes Sri Rajaraja coins too !!

Mr. Sitaraman – guide to Mr. P. Raman has kindly consented to render a talk
on antique Coins & Seals – particularly of Pallava and Chola origin.

Vijay ( poetryinstone) will feature rare paintings including a special highlight of the famed Tanjore Big Temple Fresco paintings in a talk / photo feature.

Our dear Venkat, who published and released sequel to PS – titlted Kaviri Maindhan has consented to honour Mr. Maniam Selvam.


We will also honor Dr. Gift Siromoney – for his valuable support to the cause of cultural and heritage preservation. Mrs. Siromoney has agreed to share her thoughts of her husband.


PSVP & Poetryinstone

Update: Video link to the introductory speech and felicitations ( thanks to Maravanpulavu Sir)

3 thoughts on “An evening with Cholas – 30th Dec 2010, Chennai

  1. Dear Mr.Vijay, it was an evening full of nostalgic memories and wonder at the knowledge of our friends about the ‘sanga’period coins.Your presentation about the ajanta and big temple was really worth living for.It was indeed a feast, though had to leave early without interacting with Maniam Selvan.Though I had raved about Maniam’s illustrations during my teens, and tried to copy a few, I had never seen his photograph.The slides shown at the meet by Ma Se, enabled me to have a look at ‘idol’of my teens and motivator of my taking art seriously.Thanks for everrything.

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