Pra(e)ying Cat

We say the main actors in the mallai penance panel. Now for a couple of light hearted posts.
Towards the bottom of the panel, just in front of the majestic tusker, we see a very curious scene being enacted.
You saw earlier the boon seeker ( arjuna / bagiratha) engaged in severe penance – standing up on one leg. Now you see a cat mimicking this and to add to the humor there are a couple of mice who seem to be in the act of worshiping the praying cat. What would be act 2 of this scene once the cat breaks his fast …breakfast.
Maybe we could still draw some lessons from this story

One thought on “Pra(e)ying Cat

  1. I’ve heard two interpretations about the
    pray[ey]ing tomcat. Either it was waiting until the foolhardy mice were lulled, then it would pounce; or it was a sincere sannyasi, ignoring
    the ‘dinner’ at its feet.

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