When the buying stops the killing will stop as well

We read often in newspapers about idol theft, but nothing prepared me for this.
Kbal Spean is a an amazing treasure trove of Hindu Art deep into the jungles of Cambodia. We see an entire river bed carved into a thousand stone lingas ( will feature in a separate post). across the small water fall we see a lovely bas relief of Vishnu in his characteristic sleeping pose, with Brahma the creator emerging from his naval via a lotus flower, Lakshmi his consort by his feet…three shrines are depicted to the right and a separate depiction of Brahma to the left…
Now come the looters – art thieves -who first took away the face of Lakshmi. The local papers published these pictures….but guess no action taken, at least on the positive side when the looters struck again. This time taking away the face of Vishnu.
What a sad sight. Anyway some good soul has restored the monument through in a crude manner.. the loss is indeed too great to even comprehend. Guess until the buying stops the killing wont stop for these as well.951

3 thoughts on “When the buying stops the killing will stop as well

  1. இத்தகைய பாதகச் செயல்களை செய்பவனும் அவன் சுற்றமும் உடுப்பதும், உண்பதும் இன்றிக் கெடும்.

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