Exotic Meat for the Lord – A monitor Lizard

We had earlier seen how Kannappar defied conventional practise by wearing sandals. Today we are going to see him present a monitor lizard to Shiva. Again, the Tanjore Big temple sculpture – the deeds of the shaivite saints so en captured the fertile mind of Raja Raja Chola, that he loved their amazing lives and depicted them on the walls of his great temple.
Its a small sculpture, more like a story board of sculptures depicted the story of Saint Kannappar, but what interested me was this depiction of him presenting this meat ( being a hunter you can see him still clinging on to his boy and arrow, plus his hunting dog comes into the frame as well). The divine bliss resplendent on his radiant face, as he, with total devotion, presents the meat to the shiva lingam.

Is there a devaram reference to this,ofcourse there is, how else would the chola sculpture depict such an act!!
Eleventh Thirumurai

As per the verse out of his extreme love for the lord, he presents a fat uncooked lizard to him.

For more of this amazing story and depiction in the big temple, please read this lovely post of Mr. Gokul ( watch the Priest Siva Gochariar, hiding behind the tree, in the climax scene)

Gokul’s lovely post

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3 thoughts on “Exotic Meat for the Lord – A monitor Lizard

  1. கண்ணப்பர் ஈசன் மீது வைத்த அன்புக்கு ஈடு இணையே இல்லையாம் – சைவக்குரவர் சொல்லியது. “கண்ணப்பர் ஒப்பதோர் அன்பின்மை கண்டபின் என்னப்பன் என்னையும் ஆட்கொண்டருளி”.. திருவாசகத்தில் மாணிக்கவாசகரின் வாக்குமூலம். Excellent post Vijay! Keep continuing like this.

  2. Look at the efforts to bring in details in these small pieces. Just look at the tree how beautifully they have portrayed the sway! 🙂

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