2008 Fashion is 6 packs Abs – check this girl from 7th C

The ‘IN’ thing among todays macho men of the film industry ( thank God for that – else we will have Hero’s who look like beached whales running around trees romancing girls young enough to be their daugthers …we still do!! – but atleast the healthy trend is catching on ) is getting fit and flashing their 6 packs abs ( a yet to be released bollywood blockbuster claims 8 packs!!)

But check out this damsel flashing her abs – sculpted 1300 years ago. Mallai ( mamallapuram) near chennai – the Mahishasuramardhini Panel. Can you spot her, no I am not referring to the Devi. Giving you multiple angles.
Can you spot her assistant now…crouched on one knee, brandishing a heavy sword on her right hand, beautifully attired in a breast band , she is poised to strike the leg of the demon Mahisha.

Now, can you see the justification for the tag line, 6 packs abs, take a look at hers. Women were warriors ( and some still are ) and from the shape she is in, must have been a heavily trained one at that.

Time to get up and hit the threadmill i guess.

13 thoughts on “2008 Fashion is 6 packs Abs – check this girl from 7th C

  1. Hi

    Kathie – working for crocs ( dangerous) but not the most taxing. They are super beings in the sense that they dont need to be fed often, nor cleaned often.


  2. Hi kavitha

    The appeal of art is universal – though our kings did inscribe their Meikeerthis and other exploits in the temples but the true creator – the sculptor never signed his work – like the flight of an eagle – they reached great heights but left no trails….so who are we to talk of patents..


  3. i have read in some books that pallavas had lady body guards…. indeed Indian culture is rich. Woman really enjoyed a better position in the early period than now.
    its really good to see the sculpture

  4. Hi rajeshwari,

    All praise to the pallava sculptor ( as usual)

    @ Ganesh – everytime you look at these, you see something new.

    @ Eshwari – definitely this is a lady warrior – such a sculpted body ( pun intended) would take years of working out !!


  5. now…i dont where i read this…but it is suggested that this 6 pack lady is Jaya the yogini…a trusted aide of Durga. ??

  6. Brilliant piece… If I noticed it correctly, Everything is the sculpture is so precise to the extend the Goddess and the six pack yogini (according to alex) are humanly, the asuras and only the mahisha a bit odd… probably indicating him as a yaksha (alien).

  7. hi rhoda – yogini – makes it even more interesting. Imagine perfect fitness in mind, soul and body… woah.

    @ vasanth – mahisha is also perfect but for the massive head. the torso is all done up . not all perfectly proportioned are good – you have a few pot bellied dwarf ganas on the good side as well.

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