Kanchi Mathangeshwara Temple + Somaskanda Evolution Part 5

Today we are being treated to an excellent travelogue by Arvind – on a little known attraction in the well visited Kanchipuram environs. Arvind is a Software professional with a fanatic interest in sculpture 🙂 and is currently working on bringing out an online catalogue of sculpture. He is a enthusiastic and voracious reader on sculpture apart from many other interesting passions…Read on…

Visiting Kancheepuram was a long pending item on my to do list. Though I made few visits in my school and college days, I had not visited this treasure trove for long.

The interest to visit was rekindled during my conversations with a good friend. Finally last week, made an impulsive decision to visit the place. I also gave myself the whole weekend to visit as many places as I could.
My good friend Gopinatha Srinivas readily accepted to join me for the trip.

As we were temple hopping, drunk in the beauty of the sculptures, battling the heat, we could cover Kailasandhar Kovil, Katchepawarar Kovil, Kamatchi Amman kovil and Ulagalantha Perumal Kovil on Saturday. We called it day then.

Next morning we wanted to cover as many as possible by the time the temples closed in the afternoon. We started with Ekkamabareswarar Kovil and moved on to Vaikunda Perumal Kovil. Ekkambareswarar Kovil, though huge did not have as many interesting sculptures proportionate to its size. While Vaikunda Perumal koil, was a riot. Every panel there is exquisite and was forcing us stay put.

Interestingly there are panels with Huang-San, replica of Mahabalipuram shore temple (in the Nandivarma Pallavamalla’s ascend to the throne). The panels on the praharas were filled with various coronations of the Pallava Kings. The priest there was kind enough to tell us the other temples we need to visit in the vicinity.

Mathengesawar Temple is just 200 meters away from Vaikundaperumal Koil. This should be the most well hidden temple I had come across.

The directions given to us was to take the 2nd right from where we had parked at Vaikunda perumal koil, the second right was a small lane, as we entered it, we could see a gopuram and our eagerness soared, but there was no approach from the lane we had taken. We reversed and went the next right, which happens to be a main road. As we moved along the road looking for the temple, it never came to our sight. We parked our car and started to walk back to check again, if we had missed the temple.

As we retraced our route, we caught the little ASI board and an adjacent narrow lane, which was the entrance to the temple. This lane is about 30 feet, leading to open clear space. The whole temple complex should be less than 4000 sq.ft. There is single shrine which is well elevated from the ground level. There is a nandhi opposite to the shrine and a banyan tree adjacent to it. From the looks of it the Banyan tree attracts more visitors than the temple.

10 steps lead to the corridor of the shrine, which are quiet steep.

Central shrine houses the linga with a backdrop of Somaskanda panel, which is exquisite. Which styling is this?

The three walls of the the shrine on the outer has some brilliant sculptures, the sandstone had lent itself for some intricate carvings.

Small and very beautiful temple, the sculptures here stays in my eyes now, and hope it would for ever. If not, I can go back to these photographs or back to Kancheepuram to see the beauty again.

Wait for part 2 – for more beauties from here and more history about it….

10 thoughts on “Kanchi Mathangeshwara Temple + Somaskanda Evolution Part 5

  1. அர்விந்த்,

    கலக்கிட்டீங்க, நெறைய பேருக்கு தெரியாத இடம், சூப்பர்.

    இப்படியெல்லாம் சஸ்பென்ஸ் வைக்காதீங்க, சீக்கிரம் மத்த டீட்டெயில்ஸ் குடுங்க…

  2. I had been to this temple during my visit to chennai in December. Its fully hidden from the street view by apartment buildings all around it.

    Interestingly only one half of the temple has carvings.. the other half is barren and according to the priest it was abandoned due to a war! 🙂

    Vj : Let me know if you need more pictures of this shrine.

  3. ரீச் heritage trip செல்கையில் இதைப் பார்த்துள்ளோம். ASI யின் பராமரிப்பில் உள்ளது

  4. This reminds of the temple at Nallur near Kumbakonam where there is a beautiful panel behind the main lingam depicting shiva’s marriage to Parvati. i even took a pic, but promised the priest that i would not post it on the net… shall send it to u if u like…

  5. Hi, It is beautiful.Nallur somaskanthar is “sudhai” not stone.You can view my blog “Panchvarneswar temple. I add theaivatharisanam by sun tv vedio also.

  6. Matang. is lovely, but I think Muktesh. is even lovelier as far as its sculpture goes. It’s the one where the murthis look down at you.

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