If this is the case in a Gallery then ….

The Tanjore millennium celebrations have wound to a close and after the display the exhibits have moved back to their original locations. So we hope. But there is one special exhibit, the one which we featured earlier in a post, which has gone back to its original location at the Tanjore Art Gallery, but then ….
Why loot a door Guardian

The original position of the exhibit was as below

Readers of the post, would remember the speciality of this exhibit – it lies in its base.

“This is the door guardian brought by Lord Vijayarajendradeva after burning (the Chalukya capital) Kalyanapuram.”

But, the care with which the exhibit was displayed at the site exhibition to coincide with the festivities – seen here with a blue carpet in front….

…has not been continued after the event. As with all our exquisite antiques, its been installed with utter disregard for its uniqueness. Senseless is the word that comes to my mind. Take a look yourselves and judge.

The base has been crudely cemented into the floor, painted over – the ignorant mason, having covered up the bottom line !! blood boils….

What can be done to such people, the powers to be, who has scant regard for such treasures.

7 thoughts on “If this is the case in a Gallery then ….

  1. வேலியே பயிரை மேய்ந்த கதையாக இருக்கிறது. எத்தனை எத்தனை பொக்கிஷங்களை இப்படியே அலட்சியம் செய்து இழக்கப் போகிறோமோ?

  2. ஒரு முறை, மதுரை நாயக்கர் மகாலுக்கு போன போது, சீரமைப்பு வேலைகள் நடந்துகொண்டிருந்தது. அப்பொழுது முதுமக்கள் தாழியை, எதோ, பானை போல போட்டு வைத்திருந்தனர். பல அரிய பொருட்கள் வெள்ளை அடிக்கும் பொருட்டு, கேட்பாரற்றுக் கிடந்தது. அருமை, பெருமை தெரியாதவர்களிடம் வேலையைக் கொடுத்தால் ..ம்ம்..

  3. why loot a door guardian? why not? He’s beautiful! [I’ll read the expl. when working again]
    Covering up the inscription is such a shame. Who do they get for installations? Anyone they can?

  4. Having lived in Thanjavur for more than 3 decades, have wondered about our culture and architectural heritage as well as pained to see the disrespect given to them.Though there are people who cherish them, there are also a few who don’t see the real value of them.But this is the world we live in…..

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