When the Pencil Jammers went to the Museum

I have been to museums quite often – right from my school days and seeing all those beautiful exhibits left me feeling low and not high. Yes, instead of just marching past, there was always an inner urge – a craving to put my abilities to the test. But my limited time was spent chasing too many leads and art fell away somewhere enroute but the craving still remains and like the proverbial last leaf – i still have a few canvases waiting for my masterpiece !

Maybe that is why i try and beseech those endowed with that talent and pester them to do by bidding !! Murali has been one such artist – whom i have pestered on and on and he has obliged more often than not. But then imagine a whole group of such talented artist descending upon a museum – that too the famed bronze gallery in chennai !!

They are the “Chennai Weekend Artists”

Here are some of their output…..at first i thought i would post the sculpture photos along with the sketches but then decided to just showcase just their art !!

Mr Balaji

Mr. Ganapathy Subramaniam

Mr. Karmuhilan Chellakkannu

Mr. Muralidharan Alagar

Ms. Nithya

Mr. Subhash Rao

Ms. Anbuselvi

I hope many more such efforts are encouraged especially among school children instead of just parading them infront of the exhibits and CWA take up such collaborative sessions with schools and colleges. It will help to spread awareness about our great heritage while ecouraging young artists by giving them interesting choice of subjects instead of just two hills with the sun rising in between !!

For those interested to know more about the CWA:

CWA is a group of artists and art enthusiasts who sketch on location in and around Chennai during weekends. CWA meets every Sunday at a location of interest. Any media is encouraged, though we mostly tend to focus on traditional methods. CWA comprises people from all walks and stages of life. only thing that unites is a passion to draw, paint and appreciate art. We share our knowledge through regular “Mini talks”, which are short focused and well researched practical how-to’s on the various facets of art. All are welcome to join. We use the below groups to share information about upcoming events, photos, reports and works by members.
CWA is a not for profit group.

Operates at

Group mail: [email protected]

Report for Museum meeting:

3 thoughts on “When the Pencil Jammers went to the Museum

  1. Sketching is such a good idea. You learn so much more about the form and ornamentation when you try it. Great idea for a post, VJ!

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