Kapoor Files- Art of the Loot Part 5- Suthamalli Uma Parameshvari?

Today we make further progress in this case. We are in the pursuit of the very first image in Idol wing document.

Titled Sivagami Amman or Thani Amman in it. Lets take a closer look.

Now we go back to another catalogue from the accused’s gallery Art of Past. This time is March 2011 – a full 6 years after the loot and 2 years after the Idol wing published the photographs.

And take a look at the Catalogue item number 10 – Titled Devi Uma Parameshvari

It has some very stunning photographs of the Devi from different angles. Lets take a closer look a them.

Now, lets compare the two bronzes side by side.

Focusing more closely

Do you notice the similarities. Some more to assist you.

Compare the lower body and the base

The audacity of the idol smugglers is thus revealed – to attempt to sell a published stolen bronze so brazenly. As long as we do not have a comprehensive policy to photodocument and archive them properly the loot will continue. Our temples and custodians must see the strong deterrent such an effort can be, but till they are stubbornly spurning it away – How can we make them aware that its high time they realise that technology and advances in making such archives cost effective, easily accessible databases could put an end to this loot.

We will continue our pursuit…

2 thoughts on “Kapoor Files- Art of the Loot Part 5- Suthamalli Uma Parameshvari?

  1. Dear Vijay
    Excellent article. The problem in taking and filing of Phtographs in our Temple is still they feel that taking photographs of gods will affect the sanctity(Punitham) of gods. We have to create awareness among temple authorities about the importance of documentation of our temple idols.
    These articles will help to create awareness and recovery of stolen idols”.

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