Amazing action sculpture pillars of Srirangam Temple, conculding part

Ok, we finally come to the mazing detailing in these pillars…though small in size these miniatures are amazing specimens to the stonecraft of the artist…such grace, proporation and fault would have left the entire pillar to be discarded…such was the democles sword hanging on their heads…

Just to give you an idea of their overall placement take a look at the whole pillar once again…bear in mind these are single stone and support the roof the pillared hall…


Normally in south indian temples you would see a vast variety of mythological creatures, half beast half animal…called yaazhis…these would be of Garangutan proportions…but here they too are in miniature..down to last detail. See the sensual grace of the maiden standing coyly with a hand on her hips


See the puppy like elephant rushing towards the Lord ( Gajendra !)


Hanuman is in all his humbleness listening to a discourse of the Lord


The Lord Vishnu on his elephant thone….see the lovely work on the onamental canopy on top of them.


The Lord carried by a flying Garuda…his vehicle.


Hanuman trying to do a la Garuda….( but see his humble grace not letting go of Vishnu’s feet!!! Truly he was a great devotee)


The Lord seated majestically on his throne and hanuman on his feet ..praying.


He with his consort Lakshmi


This is a puzzle…looks like a royal coronation ceremony…you can see Hanuman and Garuda on the two sides bringing in the scared pots filled with holy water….lakshmana too in the frame..


The churning of the Milky ocean is depicted….due paucity of space instead of showing the lord supporting the mountain as a turtle..he is shown holding it up…..but why the two monkeys…


Next too is a puzzle… A puppy beholds the charming youth who has lovingly slung a fawn over his sholders….seems he has got a thron stuck into his feet….a lady beholds him..


Some battle/action scenes thrown in to boot….what a treasure trove…


6 thoughts on “Amazing action sculpture pillars of Srirangam Temple, conculding part

  1. Very nice series of articles explaining the pillars. I have seen very similar pillars in the Vellore Temple Kalyana Mantapam (Marriage hall) and this article brings even more details for my understanding.

  2. இவைகளை படிக்க நான் மிகவும் குடுத்து வைத்தவன் ஆனேன்…மிக்க நன்றி!!

  3. I belive the two monkeys depict Vaali and Sugreeva. According to certain folklore, Vaali and Sugreeva also participate in the churning of the ocean. Tara is one of the precious things that come of out the churning. She is presented to Vaali as a gift. Also he boon of gaining half the strength of his opponent was given for his participation.

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