The lost art of Sittanavasal – Part 2

Thanks for all your encouraging comments on the previous post on sittanavasal. Today we are going to see another special from Sittanavasal, sadly in total ruin. Viewers are advised caution as the last couple of photos may not be suitable for general viewing ! meaning to the uninitiated as it contains some nudity ( a bit more than a previous one).

Before i present this beautiful maiden, would like to clarify a few points. First of all what you are seeing is not a religious motif but more a piece of art, so please see it as an art form and appreciate it for its artistic beauty and intrinsic value . Appreciating Nude Art is quite a controversial subject but you got to keep in mind that this is not something new or recent. So please differentiate it from Pornography and vulgarity. Nude art has been there since time immemorial and finds pride of place in many cultures and not necessarily Indian art alone – you can find ample evidences in Greek, Roman civilisations as well. Its got nothing to do with the darker side and unfortunately not too many people differentiate between the two. Art is something that transcends the frontiers of mind / soul / heart /class/religion/ intellect – it defies logical reasoning, so much so that its a feeling – an emotion. Nude art thus is something that provokes emotional sensuality and not erotic sensuality. Seeing the human form in its pristine glory is a sublime feeling and the female form with its aesthetically pleasing curves is its finest expression.

That an artist had scaled to this peak one thousand years ago in sittanavasal leaves me spellbound. Now with this introduction, i take you on a tour to savor this bewitching beauty – who despite years of neglect, thanks to help from Ashok, chooses to dance before us once more.

As usual we start with some long shots to show you the location ( and damage}, slowly zooming in

I can hear you guys yelling, what is there? – remember the first post ! do you see the scratch marks – yes wanton vandalism, What was there….here she is

adding some colors

The youthfulness of her body, the graceful extension of her right arm slightly held up with the palm bent down, the lilting tilt of her head, the nonchalant smile, the bewitching eyes, the balance in her right hand, the slender waist – accentuating the euphoric feeling. The assortment of Ornaments, adding highlights without hiding the supple curves, leave you in raptures.

But that she is gone forever leaves you sick at heart, a tear drop forms in the corner of the eye, we have left this wonderful art to fade away…

11 thoughts on “The lost art of Sittanavasal – Part 2

  1. VJ you could have just left it without any justification of why you added last two fotos….
    people by just seeing the photos will understand the beauty of the image…it is absolutely beautiful….

  2. எப்படி இருந்த நான் இப்படி ஆகிட்டேன்‍ –சித்தன்ன வாசல் அழகி

  3. VJ, the painting seems to be drawn on top of a pillar supporting the roof, what kind of vandal would take the trouble of climbing up there and destroy such a glorious piece if work

  4. Beautiful Viajy. Though we lost a lot, its not too late. We can still try to protect the remaining treasures. Surely such posts will bring some awareness to any person with a basic common sense (but thats the uncommon thing found amoung common people 🙂 ).

  5. I just getting redundant with my comments of sadness here. 🙁

    On the positive side, great to see the work reproduced. Thanks to Ashok for the beautiful pictures.

    Vj, when do you think this would have been painted?

  6. Are you sure that this is ‘nude’ and not just ‘normal’ attire? Sangam tamil women, I heard, like their men, did not wear any tops. Comments?

  7. ஒரு இனத்தின் அடையாளங்களை பாதுகாக்கும் ஒப்பீடு இல்லாத உங்களை காப்பீடு செய்து வைத்துக்கொள்ள விரும்புகிறோம் உங்களின் ஆர்வத்திற்கும் உழைப்பிற்கும் தலை வணக்குகிறோம்.தொடரட்டும் அழகிய கலை மகனே!

  8. Very well expressed Vijay. Yes, these are much precious than anything else and we should be protecting them like our life. It is so noble to bring attention to such things. Is there anything we could do by forming a group for each site?

  9. நன்றி மணிவண்ணன்.

    @ vasanth – there are lot of things that we can do. We need to make these sites show up on the tourist map – only with economic sense that we can ensure that their true value is known and the community benefits from these. else u and i can scream our lungs out, nothing will happen. its got to be a community effort.

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