The Naynaar one who played the flute ! a la Krishna

Friends, we are going to see a very interesting Periapuranam panel today. Though they occupy the niches of many temples, not many know the history of the 63 shaivite saints – the nayanmars. Today we are going to see one such unique Nayanar. The Naynaar one who played the flute ! a la Krishna. This post itself arises out of an interesting comment by Dr Kannan, for the previous post on Dancing Balakrishna vs Sambandar – he set me to search for this sculpture. Thankfully ( call it coincidence) Sri Arvind Venkatraman was visiting Darasuram and he clicked this sculpture. So we introduce you to Anaya Nayanar from Darasuram

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On a blessed day, with his head ornamented with flowers of fragrance, forehead full of holy ash that frightens the death, the ash smeared body beautified by a garland, with the flute and the staff took the cows for grazing. It was the season of arrival of monsoon greeted by the dance of the peacock, the song of the creepers swaying in the breeze. He reached the beautiful garden of konRai flowers. The sight of the very konRai flower reminded him of the merciful Lord who wears that flower. He could see only Shiva there. Wherever he saw all the flowers appeared as the form of the Almighty. His mind could do nothing but meditating at that appearance. His thinking could do nothing but surfacing the his great love for God. He could do nothing but showing his unexplainable feelings through his flute. His feelings could do nothing but making the sound of the holy five letter in his flute.

Lets see the sculpture now. You could easily mistake it for Krishna.

Now for the verse – what a delightful verse, ( i did try and learn the flute for sometime) but the comparison of the fingers playing on the holes of the flute to that of a bee over a flower – wow, simply superb.

He took the musical vangkiyam in which the interspace
Between the mudra and the first of the eight holes
Measures seven fingers’ breadth;
Like bees that buzz over flowers to gather pollen,
His flute hummed, rose accelerando and stood
Still or caesural; to the pure magna cavum the great one,
— May he flourish for ever –, applied his beauteous lips.

Then what happened read on,its sheer poetry

Dancing peacocks ceased their dance and came
Near unto him; they stood still, enthralled;
As the wafting melody streamed through the ears
And filled their bosoms, the feathered race
Flew to him and stood lost in rapturous music;
The strong neatherds who were working nearby
Abandoned their chores and stood in mute wonder.

It pleased the Lord to hearken to the music
Of Anayar’s flute; with His Consort — a liana of tapas –,
Whose heart is grace and compassion divine,
The brow-eyed Lord — the Cause and Source of Music –,
Through heaven’s highway, with His matted hair
Bright with the crescent, thither appeared.

The First One that on His Young Bull appeared before him
Desiring to hear for ever the flute’s melody
Of the great one of righteous and pious mind,
Spake thus: “May you abide with Us even as you are now here.”
Thus, even thus, was he translated to the Lord’s divine presence.

Translation: T.N. Ramachandran ( as from the site)

Now you see, such an interesting piece of poetry and an intriguing tale. Now you know!!!

3 thoughts on “The Naynaar one who played the flute ! a la Krishna

  1. மிக அருமையான பதிவுகளில் இது ஒன்று. இப் பதிவுக்காக திரு கண்ணனைப் பாராட்டுகிறேன். கண்ணன் என்றதும் புல்லாங்குழலையும், இனிய கீதத்தையும் மறக்க முடியுமோ..

    ஆனாய நாயனார் வரலாறு, அதன் அடிப்படியில் படைக்கப்பட்ட சிற்பம், மற்றும் தேவாரப்பாடல்கள் எல்லாமே கண்ணுக்கும், செவிகளுக்கும், இதயத்துக்கும் இனிமை!


  2. ஆயனர் என்றே படிக்க வந்தது, சற்றே சுதாரித்த பின்னே ஆயனர் அல்ல ஆனாயர் என்று தெரிய வந்தது.

    ஆஹா! ஆழ்வார்களையும், ஆண்டாளையும் போற்றிப் புகழும் கண்ணன், நாயனார் பற்றியும் கூறுகிறாரா! அதுவும் ஏராளமானோர் அறியாததொரு நாயனாரை திரு.விஜய் மூலம் உலகறியச் செய்து விட்டார்.

    அரை அடி அளவிற்கும் குறைவான அளவுள்ள சிற்பங்கள், ஆனால் வாழ்க்கை வரலாறையே விளக்குகிறதே!!!

  3. He even has one foot across the other ,on its toe, just like Venugopalar Krishna. How will we ever tell the difference? Just by knowing whose temple it is?

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